World Premiere, Vancouver, Canada, October 2019:

Socially Responsible Self-Dominion Training from Dr. Gruder

The World's Only Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness System™... from Dr. David Gruder.

Why You MUST Go Into 2020 & Beyond With This System in Your Professional Toolbox

There's growing consumer demand for Great Self-Development Without Becoming Self-Absorbed™. If it's important to you to help clients achieve personal freedom without sacrificing social responsibility, and you're not entirely sure how to do this, Dr. Gruder has the system you've been seeking. It's nonpartisan (post-partisan, really) and it might well be the first training of its kind for helping professionals.


The groundbreaking system you'll gain access to is an outgrowth of Dr. Gruder's book on restoring personal, business, and societal integrity that won SIX extraordinarily diverse awards in social change, politics & society, business & leadership, health & wellness, transformational psychology, and self-help. This framework has been embraced across the political spectrum (other than the extremists at both ends, of course). 


Dr. Gruder's programs show you how to integrate psychotherapy & psychoeducation in service of facilitating Self-Sovereignty That Serves Us All™ in your clients.


Be among the first to be trained in this revolutionary leap forward in the field of human potential & societal wellbeing. Attend Dr. Gruder's world premiere 2-hour overview AND day-long training intensive at the 21st annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference this October in Vancouver, Canada. By doing so, you'll also be able to attend all of this event's other world-class-marvelous offerings! 


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