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Plenty of us strive in our personal and work lives to compliment people and magnify their strengths instead of over-emphasizing weaknesses.


The time has come for us to use this wisdom to end the hyper-divisiveness that’s ripping apart our social and political fabric, by magnifying the strengths in other perspectives instead of over-emphasizing the weaknesses.


If you're from outside the United States, please note the principles in this initiative apply to all countries that authentically value freedom. An international version of this material is in the process of being prepared.


Imagine what would happen in the United States (or your country!) if we start...

  1. Finding the courage to focus on identifying the wisdom embedded in various perspectives across the social and political spectrum;
  3. Daring to discover the picture that emerges when we combine the wisdom in each of these perspectives; and
  5. Allowing integrative solutions to grow out of that combined picture.

You’ve just imagined Societal & Political Synergy™. This is what hundreds of millions of us in the United States long for today. 


Five "Self-Evident Great Truths" form the foundation of
 our highest vision as a nation. Each of these has been hijacked. Reclaiming these Great Truths is the key to replacing special interest manipulation and hyper-partisan divisiveness with integrated solutions for fulfilling your highest purpose as an individual and our highest potential as a nation.


The Declaration of FREEsponsibility is a call to use the Five Great Truths to unify our country around effective problem-solving. What is FREEsponsibility? It's the integration of freedom and responsibility that is the lost cornerstone of our country's founding vision. Why? Because freedom without responsibility is narcissism and responsibility without freedom is tyranny.


It's time for each of us to “Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up." The FREEsponsibility Initiative provides a higher vision for doing this, along with practical skills and actions to take back our power. Whether in the United States or elsewhere.


This free InfoSource & MasterClass provides the foundation to get you started.


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By Dr. David Gruder, PhD

FREEsponsibility Movement Founder

President, Integrity Culture Systems™

Executive Director, CIHS Center for Integral Leadership

The 12-award-winning trailblazer in Self-Development That Serves Us All™