Energy Psychology Anywhere™ Self-Help Assistant™

That Guides You Through Complete Self-Treatments


The straightforward six-step BIWY™ (Bring It With You™) complete Self-Help Assistant™ that assists you in getting free from what holds you back and stepping more fully into how you want to be… anywhere!

Why Might Using Energy Psychology Anywhere™ Be a Great Self-Development Resource For You?

Imagine being able to self-treat whatever you need to, right when you need it most. At last, doing this couldn’t be simpler or more painless… thanks to an audio that you can listen to online OR you can load onto your smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, PC or Mac… so it’s always “on call” for you wherever you go!


It’s Energy Psychology Anywhere™: a straightforward easy to use six-step BIWY (Bring It With You™) self-help procedure to assist you in getting free from what holds you back AND in embracing how you really want to be… anywhere! It guides you step-by-step through complete self-help sequences whenever you need them -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


EP Anywhere™ is the ideal Energy Psychology Self-Help resource for:

  • Do-It-Yourself Self-Improvers
  • Clients working with Helping Professionals
  • Helping Pros who want to quickly and easily become familiar with Energy Psychology methods

Why? Because you never have to remember all the steps by heart or have to constantly have to look at written instructions. EP Anywhere™ is like having your own Self-Help Assistant "on call" for you whenever you want or need them!


Energy Psychology Anywhere™ is three valuable resources in one:

  1. The "world's only" Self-Development Assistant audio that guides you step-by-step through entire Energy Psychology Self-Help sequences:
    • Use it online or download it to your computer and then optionally add it to your favorite portable digital devices so it’s available to you… well… Anywhere™!
    • Wisely select issues that feel prudent to you to work on by yourself and which ones you feel would be best to work on with professional assistance.
    • Dr. Gruder’s gentle voice guides you through the Energy Psychology Self-Help process from start to finish in working on issues you decide are prudent to address on your own.
  2. A valuable printable progress tracking worksheet for keeping a record of your progress as you use the Energy Psychology Anywhere™ self-help audio. This is also a great aid in reviewing the work you're doing on yourself with a helping professional you might be working with.
  3. Illuminating training videos plus a visual guide to help you more fully understand this Energy Psychology Self-Help process, use it wisely, and become effective in getting the most from your efforts.

Want more info about Energy Psychology? Click here to read about what EP is, what it's for and whether it works (opens new window).

Here's What You'll Get!

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Energy Psychology Anywhere™ Online

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EP Anywhere™ Offline +
Detailed Download Instructions

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Training Videos, Manual, and Worksheet

About Dr. David

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP​

Founding President, The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Dr. David Gruder is a human potential thought leader who has won awards in self-help, psychology, mental health, health & wellness, business & leadership, politics & society, and social change. He was an Integrative Psychologist long before this term came into use, having received in-depth training in a wide range of conventional and complementary psychotherapy, and self-help methods, beginning in the 1970s. By the mid-1970s he was an administrator for the Association for Holistic Health (the first professional association for what would grow up to be the field of Integrative Medicine), and in 1976 he became perhaps the first psychologist ever to receive certification in Holistic Health.

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Here's What People Say About Dr. Gruder's Energy Psychology Expertise

Is the Energy Psychology Anywhere™ Self-Help Assistant™ Right for You?

If you're looking for a structured self-help method to jet forward in getting free from baggage you carry and more fully aligning your intentions with your actions -- whether on your own or as part of working with a helping professional -- this resource is light years beyond any other Energy Psychology Self-Help tool that's available today.


  • Self-developers who are looking for a simple structured way to work on their issues so they can elevate their wellbeing in their personal, work, and community life.

  • People interested in using Energy Psychology methods (like EFT, tapping, etc) as part of their self-help repertoire.

  • People who are working with a helping professional and want an efficient way to work on themselves between sessions.

  • Psychotherapists, coaches, clergy & other helping pros who use Energy Psychology methods and are seek an Energy Psychology self-help resource their clients will actually use to work on themselves between sessions.


  • People who need to be working on their issues with a helping professional but are looking for something they can use to avoid taking that needed step.

  • People who aren't attracted to using energy interventions as a personal development tool. 

  • Clients of helping professionals who don't want a structured way to work on themselves between sessions.

  • Helping professional who don't want their clients using Energy Psychology Self-Help methods between sessions.

  • People who believe that self-help is a viable substitute for getting assistance from psychotherapists, medical professionals, or other self-development professionals.


No matter how outstanding and one-of-a-kind Dr. Gruder's Energy Psychology Anywhere™ Self-Help Assistant™ is, we realize that you won't truly know if this resource provides what you've been looking for (and more!) until you actually try it.


We want to make sure that you're delighted with this course. So, we're reversing your risk by giving you a 7-day test drive. What this means is that if, during this period, you believe this self-help method won't be able to help you with appropriately selected self-development issues, just let us know and we'll gladly refund your full investment. You'll be able to easily do that by clicking the Support icon that you’ll find within the course, and we’ll gladly refund your investment.


This Energy Psychology Anywhere™ Self-Help Assistant™ is solely a Learn-It-Yourself™ education resource. It is not psychotherapy, medical care, spiritual advising, or a substitute for these or any other types of professional assistance you might need. Only you can know when a resource like this one is right for you — at all or at a particular time time. By choosing to access this resource you are agreeing that how you make sense of what Dr. Gruder provides, how you understand & utilize it, and the results you get from it, are solely in your hands. You are also agreeing that utilizing this resource does NOT create a client-psychotherapist relationship between you and Dr. Gruder, or with anyone else with whom he is affiliated. Lastly, you are agreeing that, should you find that you need counseling or psychotherapy as you utilize this resource (or any of Dr. Gruder's other resources), you take full and complete responsibility for seeking this from an appropriate professional. You can read our full Terms of Use document at

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